Experts name operator with best LTE coverage in Moscow  30.01.2016


Using the Opensignal service, RBC has analyzed LTE network coverage in Moscow and Moscow Region offered by The Big Three operators as of Dec 2015. According to the study, MegaFon is the leader with a 32.2% coverage density, followed by MTS (30.9%) and Beeline (28.8%).


Analytical agency conducted a study of Content Review the coverage LTE network in Moscow and the Moscow suburbs operators of the “big three” – “VimpelCom” ( “Beeline” brand), “Megaphone” and MTS. According to RBC, the analysis was based on data for December 2015 Opensignal service, which is in the background collects information users download it app. undisputed leader was recognized as “MegaFon”, 4G network coverage density which is 32.2%. Commenting on the victory of the operator, the study’s author and editor Content Review Sergey Polovnikov stressed that “MegaFon” was the first to build LTE-networks in the Moscow region, which secured him a sure advantage over competitors. The second place in the ranking of the MTS moved away from the coating density 30, 9% in the third, respectively, placed the “Beeline” with a score of 28.8%. It is noted that MTS and “Beeline” prefer not to disclose the number of base stations located in its assets. But with the “MegaFon” in this regard, everything is much clearer: according to the company, at the end of the third quarter of 2015, the capital and the area she worked 6 thousand base stations with support for 4G Summarizing.. , Polovnikov noted that within the Ring Road all three operators show similar results as in the capital, they seek to ensure maximum coverage. But outside of Moscow on this indicator can be traced over significant differences due to the fact that other regional operators have given different priorities.


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