Brooklyn Nine Nine creator talks coming back from cancellation: 'I literally screamed, I was so happy''

Independent.couk, 21.05.2018

Dan Goor spoke about the moment he heard about the cancellation and renewal

Brooklyn Nine-Nine "s fifth season has been a roller coaster ride. Not because of what was happening on screen, but what happened off.

Things kick-started when Fox announced the series was going to be cancelled, citing not enough room on their upcoming schedule to show the cop comedy.

Unfortunately, the network failed to count on how beloved the show really was, thousands of high-profile fans expressing outrage online. Soon enough, though, NBC came to the rescue, snatching the series from Fox and saving the day.

Following the season five finale, the show's co-creator Dan Goor spoke to Deadline about the turbulent journey and how the latest episode would not have been the series capper they dreamed of.

"Not to be crude, but when I got the actual phone call I was in the bathroom, which somewhat limited my reaction - physically," Goor said of hearing about the initial cancellation. "Emotionally, I was devastated - I love our cast and crew, I love making the show with them, and I love the show... I was kind of in a weird state of shock, sadness, and more shock."

However, Goor recognised that another network could pick up the series, discovering the NBC news while in the kitchen: "I literally screamed. I was so happy. So excited. It was pure joy."

Discussing the season finale that almost ended up as a series finale, Goor said he would have been "dissatisfied" should that have ended the show.

"We purposefully wrote an episode that could work as the series finale, but it was not the series finale we want to write."

Brooklyn Nine-Nine- trailer

As for season six, the cast and crew have been so busy recovering from the turbulent last few weeks that they have barely given the upcoming episodes any thought, but hope those who backed the renewal - Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sean Astin, Mark Hamill, Guillermo Del Toro, Seth Meyers - may guest star.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return for a sixth season on NBC in 2019.

24 мая 2018